About the Conference

International Conference on Sustainable Civil Engineering Structures and Construction Materials

“Transforming The World, Foster The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)"


Civil engineering field nowadays has developed in many ways especially on technology and materials. Alongside with the development, construction academicians and practitioners have embedded the sustainability concept in all aspects to sustain the balance of the environment for the next generation. The concept of high efficiency on using the human resources and materials, simultaneously has low impact on the environment should be implemented in design, construction, and maintenance on every civil engineering buildings.

The information spreading on the latest scientific findings and achievements of civil engineers around the world is very beneficial for the application and development of the sustainability concept in all aspects of civil engineering and infrastructure facilities. Therefore, in order to build networks and accommodating the information spreading, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of Gadjah Mada University, in cooperation with Hokkaido University, Japan and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, had organized the 1st SCESCM International Conference in 2012 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia with the theme “Enhancing the Role of Civil Engineering for Sustainable Environment” and the conference is routinely organised every two years due to the highly needs of the events.

The 2nd SCESCM International Conference was successfully held on September 2014, also in Yogyakarta Indonesia with the theme “Toward Better Sustainable Structures and Constructions for future generation”. Diponegoro University, Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University, and Indonesian Islamic University, joined Gadjah Mada University, Hokkaido University, and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology as the organiser of the conference. About 75 paper were published in Procedia Engineering, a Scopus Indexed publication. The 3rd SCESCM International Conference was held in 2016 in Bali, Indonesia. Sebelas Maret University, Sultan Agung Islamic University, Petra Christian University, and Parahyangan Catholic University are among the universities that have been co-organizers for the event.

Meanwhile, 4th SCESCM International Conference was organized in September 2018 with the theme “Sustainable Structures for Future Generation”. The conference was held in Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta, Indonesia. More universities from Indonesia and other universities from Southeast Asia regions were participated such as Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and Universiti Teknologi Brunei seen more than than 100 papers were presented and published.

The upcoming 5th SCESCM will be held on 17– 19 February 2021 at Pullman Hotel, Sarawak, MALAYSIA which for the first time SCESCM held outside of Indonesia. The theme for the 5th SCESCM is “Transforming the World, Foster the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” expresses the comprehensive range of issues and development in the area of civil and infrastructure.

Conference Theme

The main theme of the event is “Sustainable Structures for Future Generations” with paper topics to be discussed as below

  1. Green construction materials and technologies
  2. Construction management
  3. Construction method and system
  4. Optimization and innovation in structural design
  5. Environmental impact and green design
  6. Local and recycled materials
  7. Forensic engineering
  8. Structural health monitoring system
  9. Assessment and retrofitting
  10. Hybrid and composite structures
  11. Smart materials and structures
  12. Special structures
  13. Structural dynamics and earthquake engineering
  14. Structures in severe environment
  15. Disaster mitigation and restoration
  16. Structural Analysis
  17. Bridge Engineering
  18. Building Information Modeling
  19. Railway Engineering
  20. Smart Cities


17th February 2021 Registration, Opening ceremony, keynote speakers, technical session, and dinner function
18th February 2021 Technical session, keynote speaker and closing ceremony
19th February 2021 Technical Visit


Accepted papers will be published in SCOPUS Indexed Proceedings.

Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Hamidah Mohd Saman (UiTM, Malaysia)
Assoc. Prof Dr. Ali Awaluddin (Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia)
Dr. Mohd Khairul Kamarudin
Cik Nur Hafiza Busra
Mr. Abdul Samad Abdul Rahman
Mdm Rasfah Kusaini

Publication Committee

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Che Khairil Izam Che Ibrahim

Assoc. Prof Dr-Ing Masria Mustafa

Dr. Hazrina Mansor

Dr. Shiela Belayutham

Ir. Dr. Anizahyati Alisibramulisi

Website/Publicity Committee

Ts. Dr. Yazmin Sahol Hamid

Ts. Dr. Mohd Raizamzamani Md Zain

Logistics/Venue Committee

Dr. Nurul Huda Suliman

Nursafarina Ahmad

Dr. Clotilda Petrus


Ts. Ir Noorfaizah Hamzah

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Awaluddin